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Operating Systems and Systems Programming (CS 140) is a course that teaches the fundamentals of operating systems programming. The general consensus indicates that the course is difficult and time-consuming. It is taught in the winter by Mendel Rosenblum, MWF in 10AM - 10:50AM in Gates B01.

Credit and prerequisites[]

This section is taken from the course website:

This course assumes familiarity with basic computer organization and assembly language, as covered in CS 107 or EE 182.

We also assume you understand the issues of concurrent programming as presented in CS 107. Concurrency and synchronization will be a big part of the lecture material and programming assignments; therefore, if you lack sufficient background, it will be easy to fall behind. In particular, you should be familiar with the material in Ch. 7 of Silberschatz et. al. For additional information, we recommend A. Birrell's paper, "An Introduction to Programming with Threads", available here.

The assignments (Pintos) are written in C. We assume you know or will be able to quickly pick up C.

Course resources[]