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Programming Paradigms (CS107) is a 5-unit class offered Fall, Winter, and Spring. It meets for three 50-minute lectures a week as well as for one optional 50-minute section led by either the instructor or a TA.

Topics Covered[]

Students in the class program in C and C++ as well as Scheme, a LISP dialect. The course focuses on lower-level C constructs and assembly-style memory management, high-level C++ constructs, concurrent programming, and an introduction to programming in the functional paradigm with Scheme. As time permits each quarter, topics may also include basic Python, JavaScript, and C# syntax.

Programs written in CS 107 during Autumn 2006-2007 include Six Degrees, C-Vector, RSS News Feed Aggregator, a raw memory problem set, shared string and Binary Tree Map, and Where am I?.


While the Stanford Bulletin lists no prerequisites for CS 107, it is very strongly advised to take CS 106 before CS 107.


CS 107 is often taught by Professor Julie Zelenski or Jerry Cain.

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